It appears that last entry neither "wowed" you or "zowed" you. So here is a short one since I have been neglecting that notion of 'Karl Says' I started a few months ago and did like 5 times. This is from a month ago or so when I registered with some new temp agency.

Me: and I registered at some new temp agency today called MERLIN TEMPS!!!

Karl: haha merlin will help with a few spells

Me: and the testing room had this wizard head plaque on it that said "WIZARDS ONLY"

Me: it was amazing

Karl: hahaha wizards only

Karl: what if they were like "go in there" and you were "whoa whoa whoa bro... im not even close to a wizard" and left. that would be awesome to do for a joke.

Yes. It would have been awesome to do for a joke but instead I took tests in Excel, Word, Powerpoint and typing, all with wizard-like speed and accuracy.

Coming up next: a picture of vomit!

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