Always remember never to trust me

Into every party a little Molson Export must fall...

So after The Boat was safely ensconced in its Kensington marina, we scooped up some late-night types and brought them back to Parkdale. Like for instance, here's Mike and Brie, and in the background some random who I think is named Phil.

Alex and Mike Frame.

Me and Latvian sensaysh, Serge. I changed into a nightgown for extra comfort I guess?

Rad artist Jen Murphy, rad cute pal Clark, and rad partywolf funbot Brie.

Dean, Phil, Mike, Brie, Me, Young Marq and Brian's knee.

And really, what's a party without the obligatory passed-out guy. Ours is even an occasional homeless and fulltime dirtbag! Triple word score and bonus points for using all my letters??!?!

And that's about all there is to say about that. But there's a lot more to say about Toronto's new MEGABINS program! If you live in a city other than Toronto, then you are probably used to throwing your garbage into a GARBAGE CAN, but here in the Tdot we throw our GARBAGE, CIGARETTES, and RECYCLABES (sic) into MEGABINS!

Have you ever SEEN anything so ridiculous?

And dig this sticker! Now I know where to put all my RECYCLABES! And thankfully, Toronto boasts an arid desert climate that will never affect the structural integrity of this awesomely crafted paper sticker!

Now supposedly the Megabins and Eco-bins are in a testing phase now and Eucan invites feedback from people that interact with their units. (Visit their radically designed website for more info) But hear this, yo! I don't want to INTERACT with a garbage can! It's bad enough I have to interact with human garbage everyday just LIVING in Parkdale! When it comes to trash, I just want to toss it in the round file and forget about it, dawgs! Straight up!

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