I'm with you...and the constellations

Okay. Here is the second half of the Mazarin after-party even though that shit is now COLD AS ICE. I miss those dudes already and here are some mems of GTs (GREAT TIMES)....

Please make up your own captions as I am kinda busy at work k?

hey ladiiieeees

Why did I insert myself into this photo? I dunno.

What is this? A Ted Mann look-alike contest?

Oh Hamilton, I love your collection of v-neck sweaters and tailored button-downs.

The wacky hair of wacky Walker!

I kinda understand how other girls can maybe get confused in the dark and think Mike is *their* boyfriend- it's kinda like how sometimes I almost pour orange juice into my cereal ...or accidentally stop trusting everyone on earth entirely until I am left to die alone.

Rob and Nadia!

K Bye!

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