fuck Mazda

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So, I'm slowly finding out that my new "cute neighborhood" is actually a labyrinthine wonderworld of crackhouses, cults, biker gangs, prostitutes in trackpants, and this one persistant fucker in a red mazda. So, It's 4am last night. I'm kinda drunk, I take the streetcar to Dundas West and am waiting for the Jane night bus but it's raining so I wait in the middle of the street because that's where th shelter is...so natch, because I'm in a miniskirt and boots some doofus pulls up and is like "do you need a ride?"

so I smile and say "no that's okay I'm just waiting for the bus." and he's like "come on!" so I say no again and he leans over and opens the door. So I feel bad so I go over and try to say like "I. really. appreciate. the. offer. fucker. but. NO!!" but before I get to he says "ugh. but I opened the DOOR for you." so I slam the door and say SORRY it's just something my mother taught me. He speeds off, makes u-turn, drives past me in the other direction, pulls into the supermarket parking lot and stops beside me again. "Come on...I hate to see you waiting" "No really. I'm fine. I don't get in cars with strangers." "I'm not a stranger! I'm a nice guy." "I don't know you. That makes you a stranger."

Now he's getting sorta pissy. "But you're so cute, you must get in the car." and so on and so on till he finally pulls away, parks the car across the street, gets out and starts walking towards the streetcar shelter. Oh and did I mention there is NOOOOOooone else around and I have no money? So I'm like awww fuck, and I decide to call my mom's voicemail at work and tell her what the guy looks like and what kind of shitty Mazda he's driving just in case she needs to testify after my recently ravaged body is found in some mini mall in Rexdale.

But he doesn't cross to meet me he just sorta hangs out on the corner. I think he thought I was a prostitute who thought he was a cop. Anyway, after a while he gets back in his car and drives past me again towards the supermarket. and soon as the car was out of view I ran towards this cab jumped in and said "i'm being stalked by some guy in a red Mazda! and I don't have any money so we'll have to go to an ATM, blah blah" and we sped away....

I considered this morning whether he followed the cab and now knows where I live but then thought, if he wants me all that bad, he can go for it. Uh huh. I'm that apathetic.

So! In other news, I updated the ebmpire a bit, now that I've got the spiffy new DSL hookup it's like a whole new ballgame... my computer is showing me her special treasures, just like the ones I am saving for marriage.

Bwahahahahahhaa. Anyway, by tomorrow I should also be off the vulgar nbci and onto my new ghetto host 9kd.net! $15 a year! what the f? I probably totally got scammed but...we'll see. This entry blows gigantic balls. Sorry. I'm no Mary Chen. Tomorrow will be truly legendary.


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