Oh very much yes!

April 4th and New York stills looks and feels like the fucking Outer Hebrides with less sheep and more Marc Jacobs. I can't take this weather. That said, i haven't let it aggravate my social calendar to any great extent.

Thursday night I went to see Mazarin and The Walkmen at Irving Plaza, then we all went to HiFi, then Quentin from Mazarin and his radical girlfriend Dana came over and I made a little movie of Quentin washing down a bunch of klonopin with some champagne.

I love Quentin's commitment to beardtronics.

After this, Quentin and I ended up doing some headstands in the living room. Also some pushups. We are all really committed to fitness.
Friday night I mopped some floors and finished the book I was reading.

Saturday night Cristi came over, we drank on the train to some party in Boerum Hill but weren't paying attention, got on the wrong train, said "fuck it." Went to Turkey's Nest, went to Galapagos (but just to pee because as I said to Cristi "Yo. The crowd is a little 'thirty plus'.") Went across the street to Sweetwater where the crowd was more like "dirty plus." Went to the Hole. drank. stood around. saw some girl barf. Went to Leopard Lounge so Cristi could pee. Got pizza. Got a cab.

No pictures however. Form a mental picture of "mediocre" and you'll be on the right track. I just feel like I should put a moratorium on pictures until I have more people to photograph than Cristi and myself. That makes sense right?

Today I got out of bed at like 3. Quentin called. I went grocery shopping with my mom. I bought my favorite thing ever, which happens to be Scrubbing Bubbles.

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