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My pals Quentin and Mickey are in a band called Mazarin. When I heard they were going to be playing in Toronto with The Walkmen at the end of January, I was most excited! I knew I would have to honor their visit with what else? A TOTALLY KILLER AFTERPARTY? OMG YES.

First step was decorating for our American friends. Mikey put up one of our many 48-starred American flags- but it was more of an excuse to see him climb a ladder and show off a partial crack.

Quentin and myself backstage as The Walkmen take the stage...

Yeah! This is the only "live" shot of either of the bands. It's The Walkmen... kinda. Can you tell?

Back at the house! In no particular order! Here's Rory and Anna.

These folks were from Montreal.

I met this girl and her friends on the street outside the show and invited them to the party. One of my coworkers said "that's how you end up with hos at the party" but these girls were totally not at all hos and were in fact totally awesome. This is Andrea (i'm like 90% sure) and Don Cash. Hooray!

Rory Them Finest

Me and Cameron.

Lord Band guitarist, Ali and his pal Val!

Me and Mike. Um.

Melanie from Montreal

Charlotte and Anna. Hello? Babe convention!

Don and Mikey Robot arms.

And oh-my-shit dudes if that wasn't the first HALF of the entry! I don't want to blow your internet apart so- that's all for now. Don't forget, Canadians!- EVERY WEDNESDAY- EL AMIGO- 1205 QUEEN W (@DUFFERIN) MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS. DRINKS FOR YOUR FACE.

Also- Happy Birthday Cecilia!!

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