Disgruntled Maid takes Chinaman Hostage: SARS blamed

A tearful Elizabeth Mann, 23, was released on bail earlier today after a weekend-long rampage that left a Chinese man seriously injured.

Ms. Mann, a former hotel maid, lost her job 3 months ago during the second SARS outbreak. Unable to cope with the financial stresses of her job loss she turned to alcohol and industrial solvents to ease the pain.

Increasingly frustrated by the Chinese community and seething with the misdirected anger of your basic junkie, she "finally snapped." Late July 25th, she assaulted Dennis "Crunk" Chow, 25, a recent immigrant from Hong Kong. She held a small air gun to his head - a distance which, had she fired, could have proved lethal.

Ms. Mann then forced Mr. Chow to drink heavily and blast rap music (the black kind) until he could take no more. Mr. Chow began shouting and destroying property. Startled by his accelerating mania, the young Ms. Mann fired the air gun, hitting Mr. Chow in the chest.

Neighbors near the Dupont Avenue home called the police after hearing the gun shots, a rarity in their community. "I have never ever heard a gun go off except on TV!," said Mrs. Virginia Cooper, a lifelong resident of the neighborhood. Cooper was also surprised to learn that it was Ms. Mann that fired the weapon. "She was so polite. Always singing... laughing, helping elderly people up stairs. It's really a shame." Another neighbor, also shocked, commented on how SARS has wrecked many lives, "but thankfully the Rolling Stones are about to put an end to all that."

When police arrived, the blood-soaked maid was cradling Mr. Chow in her arms and mumbling incoherently. Mr. Chow was brought to St. Joseph's Hospital and remains in stable condition. Ms. Mann's future remains uncertain though charges have yet to be pressed.

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