So I'm trying to be more "real" ...

Hope you like the new layout, pals. Now here are some pictures from mad long ago (3 weeks?) when Eva was here.

I was amped, as always to see Graham Smith play another show. He was UNamped as always, about my being there as anything more than a drug delivery. Whatever, people told me he was an ass for years while I said, "You just don't GET it. Our friendship is supposed to be one-sided and predicated on humiliation! See? So funny!!" but then I realized I haven't been 18 for 6 years and it's time to put a stop to a number of unproductive behaviours and one of them is being treated like a bitch.

SO ANYWAY!! Graham Smith's songs totally rule and bring tears to my eyes because he is such a genius so go see him play okay!?

Eva and I took some photos in the photobooth. The actual photobooth pictures are radder but I don't feel like scanning them?

Here we are in a cab back to Manhattan. What's on Eva's hand? Oh, the directions to Magnetic Fields. My continued commitment to protecting my identity and our shared commitment to Sparks. I finally understand what the PLUS and MINUS mean.

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