Aaliyah Lives

New York has been nonstop fun! Mafia princess' parties, fashion shows, March Records anniversaries, Burmese food, galavanting around Brooklyn, visiting cousins and grandparents, Target, pretending to be Finnish for over an hour to score free drinks, stoned, burritos in Park Slope, too many cute boys to ogle, audiogalaxy, book shopping...

And I'm still here for another 4 days! Can you feel me? Kleenex Girl Wonder were sooo good on Valentines Day! Such a good present! And then Graham and I went out and got a bit further wasted (Oh and I heard a really good scandalous story about Beulah. Courtesy of Jeff Gramm.)and Graham stayed over and we watched my tape of the show and talked about books and my dad.

Today my mother and I are going up to Bloomingdales and Alex is forced to take his sister around "groundzero.com" and then i suppose we'll meet up and do something rad. He wanted to go out to Galapagos last night but I wanted to read in my mommy's bed. Ja.

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