It's Been A Long Time, I Shouldn'ta Left You

I don't know about you radical dudecahedrons (and occasional Douchacahedron) but I have HOLIDAY FEVER!!! 100%! And even though I've pretty much avoided shopping entirely, and, as Mike's mom pointed out, haven't decorated AT ALL, I still am super stoked on the ho-ho-holidays! Maybe I'm just beside myself with joy about going home to New York in 3 days and seeing the mama and the whole family including my miniature grandparents. They're small but good. Plus I will finally get to have a good meal for the first time in months and cuddle with my favorite people in the world in my favorite place in the world. If I don't die in a highway collision.

Anyway, enough about the Holicraze! Here are some oldies....

COUPLES ONLY Bowling Night was a pretty raging success, what with Mikey and me getting all those strikes and such. And we were next to a lane full of growth-stunted hoodrat teens. All the chicks fumbling in their mall-couture purses for Visine. Girls, your parents are already hip to the fact you're a piece of garbage- you can put away the eyedrops. The dudes afflicted with total monkey face plus hilariously oversized gear and weak bowling skills I might add. I don't know if the girls bowled... I think they were really busy with the gum-chewing, Visine-swapping, and pregnancy-botching. Anyhoo! Hope you enjoyed these pictures of Jelena, Rachel and Linda, my skills, and Michael and me.


Jesse and Al were DJing this party at the Elmo so I went to check that shit out only to find Jesse has grown a for-real beard. I'm not actually sure if I a-salam-a-like it or not!

Simon, Pammm, Jamie.

You've heard it before... Jesse and Al-P are totally girlfriend boyfriend. When Jesse comes home with a President's Choice Family Size frozen linguine pie, Al-P is all atwitter with glee. Then they snuggle in front of some 80 million dollar mixing board that Jesse would tell you was actually on the Titanic, and eat their pasta all Lady & The Tramp style, sucking up linguine till they kiss. 100% cute-acious.

Simes and Mike, sporting a semi-ridiculous puberty-stache that I forced him to grow for a couple days before we both decided against. There is a lot of mustachi-ness going on these days so I thought Mikey might get in the mix, but we'll leave the pussy-brooms to Wes Allen and Death From Above I guess. And Jack Layton!

Here it is again! And here's me wearing a Rasheed Wallace jersey fashioned into a dress. Usually my fashion vocab never steers "sporty" but I figured I'd give it a try since the party was called Sport Pig, and I've already got the second part nailed!

Is that enough for now? Tomorrow I will talk about comedy. My own and that of Tony Hendra, and I will also bad-mouth Tony Hendra's daughter's book 'How to Cook Your Daughter' even though it's about how her dad was a total asshole molester. I'm the best person evs!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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