Big words you learned in college

I can't tell if my life is vaguely hedonistic (bowl of whipped cream for dinner, lounging around on the computer in bed most of the day/night, shopping, smoking, hanging out at 111 watching the Bachelor) or really pathetic (bowl of whipped cream for dinner, smoking in bed, computer all day , listening to the MASH theme song, no lights on)

Last night (morning?) between 3:34 and 5:58am my friend Matt and I emailed each other back and forth 6 times. I have gathered we require the same amount of sleep because our emails resumed around 3:30 pm. We could just hang out ...but he is busy living out dreams in Milton.

I bought jeans yesterday. They are the smallest size of clothing I own. So either my ass has gotten smaller or I just crammed it in to too-small pants to make myself feel good. I need to clean my room today. Clean a lot of things. Maybe even myself.

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