And furthermore....


Germans! At Leon's wicked house!

Misty, me and Eva dressed up like brown bears.

Jackie DJing at Adrift.

Al P, Jesse, Misty

Mikey's mashed? Quick- someone shove all these balloons in his face! I don't really know how these balloons got to the party but I had fun taking pictures of them?

Dave's party was all kinds of SOBER fun for eBeth! I guess that's why I didn't dance? Still rad. Don't get me wrong. Who needs to see me dance? No one.

The following night a bunch of us went to the Cloak and Dagger to 'take it easy' ...Karen and Flanz came too!! More than 8 people in the Cloak can be tricky so I drank outside while modelling my new balaclava. Good times.

Canadian Times.

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