Park Slope "party"

So I have several nights worth of pictures to show you so I guess I'll do them in chronological order starting from Katie's house last Friday.

That's Lila, Ivana and Lila's little sister Katie.

This was before Lila and I spent 2 hours trying to order a pizza, but after some random dude was like "Hey Katie... do you have any pants I can wear?" Who the fuck does that? Who shows up to a party in perfectly acceptable pants and then asks some GIRL for her pants? I thought it was really weird and made a point of saying so.

Katie and I played Cake Factory (you know that minigame in Mario Party 2 for N64?) and smoked pot in her room for most of the party which was fun.

Lila was reminding me of all this circa 1995 hilariousness that I had totally forgotten about and I was trying to write it down in this notebook but I could barely hold it together.

Yeah. Okay.

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