I consider myself a pretty independent person. I have lived sans family in another country since I was 18. i have a bank account and write checks and shop and do laundry and clean up after myself, call Bell Canada with inquiries about my bill.

I have a banker but no doctors.
I have a health card and no money.
I like my house but wish my living room didn't have wall-to-wall.
My garden will be described as lush.

I am generally satisfied with my surroundings, but fuck. I am alone constantly. And it's really starting to ..i don't know... make me feel really trapped. And bored. And despondent.

Anybody that offers up a little trinket like "but you go out all the time" obviously doesn't understand what the fuck i am driving at.

Anyway, enough about my turd. Last night was pretty rad. I went out to dinner with Beth and Mike and Beth's parents and we had champagne and yummy food. Then I went to Pat and Tom's and we drank Stock Ale and Pat talked on the phone for an hour while Tom and I listened to music and played bass.

We went to this totally crowded party that was half Rexdale homies and half Kitchener-Waterloo goofs. We departed shortly after getting pretty stoned and went to BlowUp where James LaChance kidnapped my Fred Perry track jacket. Oh also Tom came up with his wicked 'ideal black name' as we were walking around Dupont. "Leroyce" Leroyce Blaxx. Ha. I'm still partial to Latreen, Chemise and Armoire.

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