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Monday, May 21, 2001

So I haven't written anything on here since before I moved but it was hectic and it's over and now I live in the Ikea showpalace all by my lonesome, which is really cool except when I'm feeling sad and my horoscope is terrible and I start wondering why no one loves me. awww *slap* read the archived shit. I think it's probably way better.

So Justin randomly moved back to Grimsby, Allison is off planting trees in Alberta like a total Canadian, my new pal Taylor lives in Whitby and ...and..yeah that about sums it up, oh! and my dear Keira is in France. and Michael is only in North York, and with a car I might add, and still won't come visit me. So yeah, essentially life is gay and my cousin Jared says my Pitas are "negative."

It's thundering out...which means I guess the posse is not going to the island to watch the fireworks. lame. Another night at home with my rabbit and no tv and no new weezer album

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