fuck kinkos

monday, feb 5, 2001. 4:20am.

So it's very late. I need to go to Kinkos to complete this assignment or 2d class but I took some ephedrine and should be able to wait until it gets light out again. if it were new york I wouldn't care about going to Kinkos at 4am but Toronto isn't as populated...and it's raining...and it's freezing...and the closest Kinkos is still 45 minutes by streetcar...which comes only...every 30 minutes.
I worked last night and took the streetcar home with Amber, Erica and Dave but the ladies and I stopped at Fran's for a very unsatisfactory dinner. I hate when diners have mirrors in them and you are forced to look at yourself while you eat. you can't help it! your eyes are just glued to that mirror. Amber and Erica were doing the same thing, in between complaining about the service. I was busy inspecting some guy's wallet that I found. His sophomore year highschool i.d. is priceless. I'm going to scan them all and put them on my webpage soon... Today I have enjoyed far too much food for a human being. Fashion week is next week and I am flying home to New York...I cannot teeter around on Halston stillettos and look cool if i keep eating! I think this is the week I become a speed freak and lose 15 pounds by next Monday morning. I need to bench press small children. My pal John Whitaker isn't speaking to me. I'm so cool.

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