Holy Punctuation Car Crash!

Hey hey hey! It's Thursday!!! And you know what THAT means!! That's right.. It's totally garbage day!! Are the kids feelin it down in Australia? Shout outs to my readers at Corus Entertainment and Sun Media! Holla back!

Guess who is learning to drive this holiday season? No, don't get too excited - just automatic I'm sure. And guess who will never ever be able to afford a car unless some rich old geezer takes pity on them? Ding ding ding.

You are 2 for two today so let's clap our retarded little hands and watch Dr. Phil!

And if you are in the Toronto area and like to party (who doesn't!?!?!!!) then you should come to BLOCK PARTY on Friday as i will be DJing along with the oft-mentioned Dale Ronson and some pals. We serve alcohol to minors!

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