Thursday, February 8, 2001. 7:35pm....

I am in the computer lab at my school since my internet got cut of at home due to "abuse of the system"...and we had to call THEM to get this informaton. Like, when did they plan on telling us this!? hello? I got all freaked out and asked Erica if she thought this was about kiddie porn as I equivocated and said "Well, you know, not like I was LOOKING for kiddie porn, but you know, it like...comes UP..." (yeah right) anyway, she was like "Um....I *think* it has more to do with the fact that we networked your computer to..." oh yeah yeah yeah..the hundreds of dollars I spent setting up an 8 port hub and proxy server! that's right! so now we have to wait for Rogers gayass cable to call us back so the matter "can be discussed. DISCUSS THIS! I don't fucking watch television because I have an I.Q. above 19, all I want is to be able to use my fucking computer!!!! Right Jared? I can't even blaze anymore! I think I am going to go home, huff butane and pass out with an overweight gay gigolo.

1.5 feet of snow this morning too...which I "shovelled" off our stairs with the broad side of my foot. clever.

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