It's Patrick!

Happy St. Patrick's Day oh you teeming throngs of Micks and frat boys....

Beth and I are at my house... we had baked brie and I am making butternut squash and apple soup and for dessert we are having lemon tarts with whipped cream. We are so mega, it hurts. Our day was filled with shopping (and lifting) from Walmart and enjoying some Baskin Robbins. Beth is now in the living room cuddling Cleo on her lap and we shall venture out into the elements post-dessert to get mass hammered and barf up our dinner. XTREEM!!!!!

Yeah, i was kidding about the vomiting part. I have never seen Beth vomit and Beth has seen me vomit but once. And it had nothing to do with drinking. So there we are. We are two very responsible adults who watch our finances and never lose control of our um... limbs.

This entry made absolutely no sense. Rock on party people!

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