one, two, three, four sets of handcuffs!

Monday, July 9, 2001
01:47 p.m.

So now i am back in Toronto. Okay, so the softball game right? Well, I took the train up to Hastings with some goofs I know, and some goofs I don't and that was fine. Hell, I made friends with some new goofs as well. I didn't play softball I just baked in the sun and went "whooooo!!!! YEAH!!!" every now and then which I think was pretty convincing. Oh! I was also drinking Molson Canadian which I had never seen in the States before and was totally elated at seeing/purchasing/drinking. Like a l'il piece of home.

Anyhoo, after the 2 games ended, the gang made its way back to Skippy and Kardhym's adorable abode on Main st and Sujan and I went to Food Emporium (someone made a store just for ME? Someone has my kind of qual-i-tee?) to get more alcohol and some veggie burgers....

Shortly after getting back to the party i realized I had a tiredness that I just couldn't shake and was feeling pretty damn nauseous as well... but I wanted to hold on till KGW played their set in the yard before catching a train home. Play they did, but after three songs the cops showed up and said, pointing to each present member of KGW, "I got one, two, three, FOUR SETS OF HANDCUFFS... if I have to come back here." They stopped playing but the cop was still standing around talkin noise while everyone in the "audience" laughed at him and Kardhym kept grabbing his arm to escort him out. The whole thing was comical but there was really no reason for me to stick around anymore... I'm just glad KGW got to play 'I am a serving wench in a themed restaurant' and 'The Sun's also a Stand-up comic'

The train was at 10:23 and at 10:19 I was still in the kitchen, giving Ivan from Barcelona a hug. I made my train by sprinting from the house to the station and up over these stairs to cross to the other side of the tracks. nuts. When I got home my mom was no where to found. waaah. She soon returned and i made her prepare me a gastronomically neutral snack of cottage cheese and avocado. It was quite extraordinary.


fevrier records: yo mang... how was the rest of the party? I was gettin mad nauseous for some reason

Gfxmith: oh it was pretty lame

Good to know.

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