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So it's Saturday and I am about to leave for the March Records softball game where I plan to sit around and do nothing. Last night was the epic, and I mean EPIC, Kleenex Girl Wonder show. My cousin Jared showed up 5 minutes after I did, during the last few songs of Skycam, who, sorry, were really really terrible. Then I saw Graham and told him I had a present for him... "so i hear... let's see it."

And so I unveiled the Canadian-made Tylenol with codeine that I had lovingly smuggled over the border for the charming Graham Smith. Me and Jared went backstage and got high and talked trash during Barcelona and then it was time for KGW to take the stage and take it they did.. Now, I don't know if it was the alcohol or ephedrine or pot or just how GOOD they were but seriously I was near tears. Kinda like that Masters of the Hemisphere show at the Athens Expo last year- where I did in fact cry, perhaps as a result of the 6 red bull and vodkas i had slurped down about 20 minutes before showtime. c'est la vie.

I wrote down the set list but don't really have time to type it now, nor can i be bothered. I sorta feel like ass... anyway, after the show, KGW, and these three girls and me and my cousin, went over to Rafiq's girlfriend's house and drank more but the roommate's Columbian boyfriend kept threatening to cut us if we didn't shut up. Finally, he storms out of the house and slams the door like a pussy.

what the fuck do i wear today??!

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