This just in.

The coming of spring makes me all restless. I mopped all the floors, used that Clorox bleach pen between all the bathroom tiles, and cleaned the stainless steel surfaces in our kitchen. Last night I read Kate Spade's 'Style' book and went through back issues of Martha Stewart Living (1997-2001), ripping out only the recipes and crafts that were of interest to me and recycling the shell. Then I lay on my back in the dark for a couple hours till at 4 I'm like "You know, I think we should reupholster those dining room chairs"

(yeah yeah you caught me, I was sleeping in my mom's bed. we're creeps)

(long pause) Mom: *yawn* Like what?

Me: Like tone-on-tone 2" pink stripes

Mom: Hmmm... maybe. *yawn*

Why am I telling you all this you ask? Because apparently my diary is a very single-faceted portrayal of who I am. For instance- I never go out in the daytime, I have cans of PBR surgically attached to my hands, money need not be acquired- it just materializes. Life is a party.

So now you also know that I am a house-proud obsessive-compulsive with latent rich-kid fantasies ? I also love children, pets and diet pills. Cool.

My iPod is fucked up. Leave word if you are good with that sort of thing .

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