It's Alright

18 November 2001

Last night was kinda fun, but also left a really bad taste in my mouth I'm presented with your basic good and evil all the time and i can't seem to choose what is good. Saw some boy again last night, this is getting out of hand- I still didn't talk to him. Ugh.

Then I had to watch someone I respect freak out over a broken syringe and our party members scurry to find someone with diabetes...or an emergency room...or a 24 hour Shopper's...or another junkie. No one could do anything- evidently drugstores don't just GIVE out needles at 5am. They tried. None the less, it made me feel really really bad for the guy..and really bad in general. He finally picked up his bag and left. "to the hotel" ...but they didn't have a hotel so it's worrysome. I hate to say he "killed the mood" but that's essentially what happened. I just didn't want to be hanging out anymore, slowly killing myself. i wanted to be in my bed with my stuffed animals, praying I am so different - my life is so far from being ..THERE.

And it is, and I woke up, and I have rabbit cages to clean, and laundry to fold and bags to pack to see my beautiful mommy in New York City tomorrow. And we are going to see My Morning Jacket. They're really great. They keep away from smack, I hear.

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