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Can you say TOTAL BOMB? eBeth's diary is biting dust in a major way based on total warm-milk response to that last HILARIOUS entry. Leave it to my amazing mom with the amazing diary to provide at least some support.

Anyway. Here is a nice relaxing entry crafted to produce the most soporific of results. So put the hot cocoa and the mystery novel by some shitty canadian female author down and enjoy these pictures of local signs!


Not only would Viceroy Reliable make a name of unprecedented insanity but Condor Industries is totally the type of place where Viceroy Reliable would do his bidding. Maybe Shipwreck from G.I. Joe even does like 3 and a half push-ups there each day before he goes back to protecting the high-seas from gaybashing. Ponder it if you can.

Hey have you guys ever met our friends the Poetic Painters??? Yeah, they're pretty into tempera paints and chillin'. They hang out by this underpass, just WAITING for a rumble with ...

Well HO-LEE SHIT, the Graffiti Rebels. As I live and breathe. NOW IT'S ON!!!!

I know it's a little hard to tell what's going on here due to Mikey's 'hand jive' but basically it's a bible group where you can also learn 'Computers, Math, English, and Values' or any combination thereof. Mike wondered perhaps if he could learn more about computers but NOT hear about how he now has to drink red Kool-aid out of a Dixie Cup till death takes him to the one true Master in Outer Space. There are other funny things about this sign but I'm through carrying you guys.

*fun fact: at one time, perhaps still, the Junction was home to more cults per capita than any place in North America.

Simple really. Pinkish legs. You seen her?

I used to live in this neighborhood, where all these signs are. This is actually where I had my taxes done the one time I did my taxes. Z&Z Accounting. It's totes David Lynch.

People get mad when I say other languages are total garbage but I mean, why spend 3 months writing out some runic letters when what you mean is "Bobby's Place"?

Dude, take a shower before calling this number. I don't want you to hurt your chances of living in what is surely the worst place ever.

Okay, this isn't a local sign in the Junction, it's all over the city and it's weird on a few levels. Operation Lifesaver is basically an education program that seeks to reduce injuries and deaths that result from crossing railway tracks, and Direction 2006 is the same thing but their aim is to reduce these injuries (that numbered 170 last year) by 50% by 2006. Which I guess is easier than eliminating them entirely by blowing up the entire Canadian railway system.

But this poster is like some weird kid nurturing his basset hound (?) But like... is he telling his DOG to "look, listen and live" ? I mean, dogs aren't the problem here and even if they were, dogs can't speak english. They don't understand a word you say. Ever. I was probably more disheartened than you to learn this was a fact, but so it goes. Anyway, I feel vaguely bad making fun of people that get their legs cut off on train tracks despite those injuries being largely intentional or the result of being a total waster with a shit life, so instead, please look at your tax dollars at work.

Then come back and tell me what you've learned.

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