St. Julian!?!?

Lindasaur: So, what are you wearing that's all Strokes boy?
fevrier records: grey blazer, jeans, american flag hi tops
fevrier records: grey leather tie... (because my pink one is in NYC)
Lindasaur: My stupid computer isn't letting me read your "boy" e-mail
fevrier records: get me him mom!
fevrier records: or I can go put it up on diaryland
fevrier records: okay. go
Lindasaur: Honey.....can you say, "Shoot me now!"
fevrier records: hahah why?!
Lindasaur: He is pure SCARY!!!!
fevrier records: no. he is pure rock yumm
Lindasaur: He makes Greg look like "Leave It To Beaver"
fevrier records: hahah greg is TOTALLY pissed at him. he's like MY HAIR IS LIKE THAT NOW! THAT GUY TOTALLY FUCKING STOLE MY LOOK
fevrier records: So I told him to go be in a band that makes me cream my pants then
Lindasaur: Um.....that's more VIVID a description than I need, missy!

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