Chicken, Booze and Booty

Merry Christmas all ye readers of my "useless observations" ! And happy whatever to all you Jews too!

Today was spent at my grandmother's house seeing which one of my family members can yell the loudest at the dinner table! Turns out we're all pretty good at it. I swear though: New Jersey gets farther and farther away with each passing year.. this is either due to tectonic plate shift, or my increasing desire to not go.

Also, because of the smattering of slush and snow that the east coast considers a "blizzard"- NJ Transit buses stopped running and my mother, my cousin Jared and myself were stranded at the Lakewood bus terminal with a variety of specimens from the "drunk mexican" genus... ranging in severity from the slightly intoxicated to the mind-blowingly impaired. There was even a 48yr old woman who kept grabbing my mother's hands and telling us how she had 4 great-grandchildren.

Yeah man. Do the math.

I'm not much one to complain because overall I had a good time drinking weird grandparents-liquor-cabinet alcohol from the 70s with my cousins and passing out on the couch during the "meat course" ... but i *was* freezing at the bus stop and I *did* just want to get home.

Then I saw this man with one leg sleeping on the subway platform, using his own prosthetic leg as a pillow and it made me feel like an asshole because i really *am* one of the luckiest people.

And so are you because you get to read my diary. Goodnight!

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