Missed Connection with Cirrhosis (East Village)

Alright now. These pictures are a few weeks old now but due to the un-ending insistance of my dear friend Zoe from Vancouver, here they are.

Now, I will add that Zoe was only here for 2 nights and I totally slept on one of them. Monday night I went and met her at Bowery Ballroom where she was selling merch for the Blood Brothers.

After the show we all went to Welcome to the Johnsons to drink heavily (or so I thought)

See, the night before (the one I bailed on) just happened to be the night Zoe was doing fucking body shots with Conor Oberst and having a grand old time.

Here's Zozo with her boyfriend Jordan from the Blood Brothers.

Dunno who these people are. Sorry!
My hair is truly my best feature so I thought I would show it solo in these two "portraits"

Jordan and .... some other dude!

So wait- Zoe gets to fraternize with Bright Eyes and I get to put on some ridiculous hat courtesy of this Romanian dude who I promised to fight but he was nice in the end?

My pals bailed early because they had taken it to the top so hard the night before and i was left being the one who is all "let's paint our faces the colors of our favorite sports team and piss across America for humourous effects!!!!!!"
Oh what the hell, dirty bathroom shots it is!

But listen, more importantly Zoe's in a new band called BABY CONTROL and if they are half as good as her old band, the Red Light Sting- then your dick is in for a treat!

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