"I can smell your flower from over here"

I am sitting crosslegged with $370 stuffed under my thigh. Nothing scandalous- I mean, I'm wearing pants. It's just kinda funny to be sitting in your office with tons of bills between your legs. Though maybe it's not that funny since I work at a porn site. You decide!

Yesterday was productive fun with some of my favorite people. We were doing pre-production stuff for the Death From Above video. Painting sheets in a bearings warehouse in Missisauga, playing on rooftops, riding on forklifts, eating Krispy Kremes and stealing batteries. After a moderately hard day of manual labour all of us, with the exception of Hatty, went to the Silver Dollar for some much deserved cheap beer. I was dressed really inappropriately. Something about going to a place filled with hippies, lesbians, and banjos makes me want to dress up like a tramp. WHo knew! Of course Karen and I got well ripped.

(and now .. for a series of "then"s ...)

Then I found $5 on the ground. Spent it. Karen got the hiccups. I told her what to do and they went away. We are fucking geniuses. Then I found a guitar pick and for some reason put it in my bra. Then Beth and Shane and I took a walk to abuse one of Ontario's more lax drug laws. Then we went back to the club where some drama had ensued in our absence so we left.

This morning was beautiful. My room smelled like hyacinth and there was candy next to my bed. yum. Dale came in. We went upstairs to enjoy tea and cigarettes. (we've stopped watching CNN)Anyway, I worked on my website, made some calls, rescheduled my doctor's appointment, did some laundry, and only at 8pm when I was getting ready for work did I bother to get out of what i slept in. There was a guitar pick stuck to my left tit.

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