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Do you ever have a thing in your life that is as precious as it is revolting? As nauseating as it is delicious? As infectious as it is mind-numbing?

I have a few things like this. Pizza Hut is one of them. Always end up groaning on the couch after eating it, but always excited when the stuffed crust hits the table.

The latest gem to fall into this category is J. Lo's "Jenny From the Block" song/video. I hate this. I don't get her Valley of the Dolls hairdo. i don't know why she never has anything but underwear on. I wonder if Ben Affleck ever dreamed he'd be in a video with the LOX? I don't understand why he is in the video at all. I also have a hard time believing she is still "Jenny from the block".... if she ever was.

If Ben Affleck is going to be married to "Jenny from the Block" , "Hoodrat Jenny", "Around the way Jenny" or any of the many other ghetto-tastic Jenny's J. Lo may have up her sleeve, then I think he best start wearing some more FUBU. Because right now all that goes through my mind when I hear her sing is more like ....

Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got
I'm still... I'm still Jenny from the block
Used to be with Diddy, now I'm with a jock...

blah blah blah know where I came frommmmmmm....

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