Oh what a DAY!

Most of it was garbage but here were the good parts :

1. Beth tipped me off about the new Limewire that came out and it actually works and is cool!

2. Craig Dunsmuir and I talked on the phone and, as always, he provided me with all the tidbits of information I need but do not receive as I never leave the house. Okay, well I left last night - but those who were there will know I speak the truth when i say it was "ill-advised"

3. Finding a baby horse in my yard was pretty cool. If you think this is slang for something because I live in an urban ghetto? You're wrong. There is a colt in my yard. Come over and I'll prove it to you.

4. Listening to Ali G's MP3s on this site.FUCKING HILARIOUS .

5. Tomorrow is Monday and that rules. Because Monday means mail, and people being at work, but not me- so I can move through the world like a housewife. Only the house is not my own and I'm nobody's it's still good though! happy happy happy!!!

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