Sorry friends! Being unemployed is a hella busy time for me and I also have a rich social calendar that allows me to provide new and interesting fodder for this, my little corner of the world wide web!!

As many of you may not know, Toronto's tattoo convention rolled through town June 17th-19th bringing with it tons of tattoo afficianados, fans, artists and thrillseekers alike!

Now sure, many of you know me as a mindblowing graphic designer but few know of my longtime hobby, my "passion" if you will, tattoo design. Did you know I got my pancreas tattooed while drunk? I didn't.

Let's get back on track! So! Obviously this convention afforded me the unprecedented opportunity to "shop my book" around, "hob knob" and "rub spider-web-covered elbows" with the true visionaries of the medium! What a great experience!

All this talk means nothing if you're unfamiliar with my work so I've included a few recent doodles that went over pretty big with some leaders in the "industry"...

So this one is intended to encircle the arm much like a snake would if it were really small and unable to properly kill you yet. But there's a twist- the snake is eating a baby, legs first, and the baby who is just now realizing like "oh no, this is a really bad situation" is saying "Oh Shit!" (And it's a human baby - not a ghost or a seal. Sorry I drew this one of my blackberry. Sometimes I get ideas when I'm on the train and stuff.)

Okay! This one *is* a ghost! But he has swastikas for eyes and is clearly laughing hysterically. I know I know, you're like "holy shit, is this a NAZI tattoo?!!" - but here's the twist- the ghost appears to have relieved himself in a totally inappropriate place (on your arm, or neck, or wherever you end up putting the tattoo) further proving that nazis are complete assholes.

I know you're thinking that this tattoo a word? Awesome. Well I would not hesitate to agree with you! I mean does anyone honestly *like* surprises? Is confidence not *indeed* sexy? Is my diary not entirely just *too much*?????

Call me to arrange a portfolio viewing!

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