The end is nigh

I. AM. SO. OVER. IT!!!!!

New York is giving me emphesema, if that is indeed even in the neighborhood of how that disease is spelled. If not, then I have a new and more interesting disease of the lung.

Mikey has been looking at some apartments for us and reporting on his findings. That's pretty much the only thing that interests me. That and seeing as much of my pals as possible.

Yeah. For those of you that don't already know, I am moving back to Canada. Shake yer dix!

In other news, my mom just said "Isn't it creepy to see the dead pope on a slab?" Me: Yeah. You see him yesterday? Mom: Yeah.

Alright. Off to

Update: checked my balance and I'm broke as a joke so like I'd like to extend this offer to you, lucky readers. Would you like to trade sexual favors for money? How about I design you a new website or rip you a new asshole? Your choice. I won't work for food (too many carbs?) but I will work for legal tender and things that can be sold for legal tender (beanie babies).

Thanks again!

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