Ikea=daycare, cute boy=not mine. apparently.

18 October 2001

So I went to the Ikea grand opening in Etobicoke yesterday and it was really really crowded but I got a duvet cover and a tablecloth and some other crap and tomorrow the Queen of Mommies arrives and we will go and she can buy the big ticket items because she takes good care of her child. Why do people get "IKEA" confused with "DAYCARE" ? I mean, I know it's kid-friendly and they've got that ball-pit or whatever, but I swear there were more screaming brats there than cheap Scandinavian furniture. Like, at other times sure, but this was the grand opening, there were seriously like mosh pits forming around the sofabeds. I don't know. I wouldn't have brought MY child there. If I, let's say, had a child.

After I came out of the Ikea I tried to get home and failed for about 45 minutes and wound up crying in a Wendy's parking lot. I then walked back to Ikea and yelled at the ineffectual police detail they had set up all over the premises. There had to be like 45 police officers in and around the store- and none of them could tell me where the bus stop was, or a payphone or a taxi... Shouldn't they be dusting for anthrax somewhere?

I finally got home, took a bath, got dressed and went down to Lava and most of my friends were not there and neither was the boy i like(the one that dances like Kurt Heasley!) But then he magically appeared! And later, so did Beth !! When Death and I left, the boy in question was outside talking to this girl I know. She likes him. I was all bummed. She's trying a lot harder than me to win too. Man, I say dumb things when I'm nervous- thankfully I kept these to a minimum because I wanted to get the fuck away from there as soon as possible. Beth and I went to her house to watch Watership Down.

I stayed at her house because it was pointless to go all the way back to the west end at 5:30 am only to lie down for an hour and then have to get back up and go to work. So now I'm at work and my head hurts and i hope that boy didn't go home with that girl. But that's what boys and girls do.

I need a kick in the neck

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