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I won't even bother to tell the rest of the story (like the part where i sit home all day, go to Shoppers, take a bath, sit around, etc) because the meat of the story is this:

Maggie and Hatty and I are sitting in Amato's at like 2:30am and this homeless dude is asking Hatty if he is in the Goo Goo Dolls? We couldn't really understand. There was a LOT of saliva involved. Anyway, this started us all talking about various homeless superstars from the Greater Toronto Area ("megacity") ...

Naturally this turned into a conversation about homeless people and their experimental makeup techniques.. which led to Maggie bringing up that 1991 classic, Crystal Waters 'Gypsy Woman'. Hatty and I were confused but Maggie clarified. Below I have included the lyrics....

The winds are blowing every morning
just to do your hair now
cause she cares you all
her day oh wouldn't be right
without her make up
she's never had a make up
she's just like you and me
but she's homeless, she's homeless...

There you have it. It really IS about homeless people doing their makeup I guess. So we talked about Crystal Waters for a while and then I added this anecdote about how this white mouse from my grammar school (class pet, not a student) was in that Crystal Waters video... spinning around on a record!

But nothing could have prepared us for what would happen next. Above our heads.... on Much More Music..... Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)

I was the *most* floored by this, but Maggie and Hatty were both pretty amazed... We all shifted our seats to get a better view and wait... yup, there is the line about doing the hair and this is so...1990! Where's the mouse? Hang on you guys.. I swear to God it's true. Class pet!! Well, the video ended, we were tired, we left. Maggie said maybe it was in the real beginning of the video and we missed it. But no- you know what? I figured it out after 8 hours of sleep. The mouse is in two-hit wonder Crystal Waters' other epic track - '100% Pure Love'

From the back to the middle and around again.

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