Where Do We Go From Here?

Went to Joke Club last night and laughed till I cried on a few occasions. Especially during Chris Locke's epic beat-boxing! A lot of folks were asking me if I was performing and I said "no" each time! I guess people think I'm a real joke-a-holic now but sadly, my real-time performance art project entitled "My Life as a Catatonic Stoner" occupies most of the time I formerly reserved for the crafting of funnies. I can't tell you much about the ultimate pay-off of the project but it will be highly, highly inconsequential.

I basically just want to see disappointment on thousands of faces... before I die.

In other nudes, why don't birds know more standards? They sing all the goddamn time yet you never hear them belting out Gershwin. Just one-a-ma thoughts.

Another of ma thoughts involves some band names. I have mentioned 'More Death From Even Further Above' before... but have you heard of my new one 'Slip and Fall, Say Lawsuit'??

Toronto, as well as earth, is full of fucking commands! 'Eat Your Greens', 'Don't Be Shy', 'Shout Out Out Out', 'Speak that, Yell that, Smash that Speak'n'Spell' or whatever. LIKE STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO ASSHOLES! I'll shout and dance on your GRAVE more like!!!!

Just kidding. I only micro-care about that. It's like that electronic newsticker thing in the subway that says "Skateboards is not allowed on the TTC" - sucks for skateboards, but sucks even worse that no one speaks English anymore. You know?

I'm going to leave you with that for now. I keep threatening this podcast on you- but my pal James Marshall is gonna be on it too and maybe it'll be worth listening too? I asked David Dineen Porter too but then I realized I didn't want him to know where I lived. Not in a 'Pretty in Pink' way, like I live in a shameful neighborhood , but more like so he doesn't bike past my house 300 times a day in hopes of seeing me brush my long beautiful hair in the front window. Sorry DDP!

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