All the News that's Shit to Print!

Party dogs! Listen!

I'm totally tempin' right now but I just had to tell you all about the hottest Canadian goings-on in case you, like me, are chronically uninformed, misinformed, misguided, or unconscious.

I've pre-digested all the hot news into photo-nuggets my time-starved readers can understand. Just the facts dudes, just the FACTS!!

Go!Team openers, Ninja High School, are silently proclaiming red is the new black outside garishly-decorated Lee's Palace.

Mikey makes a lunch!!! When left alone without a woman's touch, this is what he'll come up with! If you had been around during this process he would have pointed out excitedly that the Reese's cups was only 44 cents!!

Cheryl can sit on my lap ANYTIME, but this dude's lap? That's her new hangout!

Now, this might be considered "mere speculation" on my part but I would hazard to guess that this guy's getting a NEW BED!

That's all for now doggie pals! If you have regional news to report please let me know!

Also- if you are in the area of the "internet" be sure to check out my mom's sometimes perverse, and ever-hilarious insanity.

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