Notes from the Underground

A lot of entries coming your way. You'll need bulk for the winter. And I am going on a short vacation beginning Friday. So here is the first portion of entertainment I have procured for you.

Few of you know much about my family - and while in many ways I'd like to keep it this way - I thought I'd share this incredibly personal tidbit that isn't even mine to share.

It is an email sent to me by my father during the height of his junkiedom. No, you're right - it doesn't make sense, but working on codes like this has been my life's work. And he's better now so it's not as sad.

Anyway, without further ado...

You are wise beyong your nearly wrinled twenty.

Jim mangold was a marigold. He treated poor Daddy with the same, casuakl I'm owed I' so average he didn't really noticed like mind control gifs small dedly culture fusion....

Musrt write tghis weay because took direct DOS attack on the IP from enraged Tenessess dealer. I won't give him to the dea but if he makes me madder I'll feed him to steven Kay which mean 1 I can wtch 2) Much more pain all round.

volounteers rewuired for comforting glossy safe future with new pill pushin org.

you wanna geuss what this punk I'm to lazy to take out grosses before srtealing last mo?


Like money do oyu hammmmmmmmm?

Henry James said not him, dead give awat. Granny do not know all. Sorry about the dry saki speakin o' special types,

So eaasy.

I found Kay. Monaco.

Do I rish all ?

IE 4 AM calls?

Being called a fucking cunt thief more than Ali Babette and her forty, kefafel snaffling, insatiable, vaginas? No thrill there like before. I conclude then:

My back hurts. I shall sleep wile the banker of last resort tans.

A Dad grim, stern, the heavy resposibility even his legendary judgement faces with respect, assess dispassioantly the equations of the furture of others, the variable spinning free of the hard numbers in the cenrtriguge of his alumininum lad steel mind. Clear, paternal eyes that have be blacked more than pipmps pumps stare further than most mere progenitors can imagine. I begin to see - a quick scowl at a distractions stills the nervousls throat clearing of a human thing.

I think...
I think....

I think this is such a fucking bore ..and he went to bed, not in Monaco way less cool than courtney but in mud and dirt.

Other girls will try but I will never aceded to their pleas to hop aboard the time thopper and rertroinseminate them.

For like boyy Fisher I took a vow puts times machine out and that's all I can say now.


Your Fatheer

By the way, that fried of yours who thought and styled me zany -- should save his beehbohbs for his aqqautances, and probably at least have spoken forty seven words to the subject of his what is creul work?

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