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Three days till my birthday, mutants! But first! Here are some pictures of ...mainly me! You guessed. New York City and the quaint town of Quogue, Long Island act as backdrops.

Sara had a birthday party!

I wasn't actually mad. I mean, it was really overly air-conditioned in there but that's just a North American thing right?

My mom was all "JESUS, you are SO INTO yourself! You take pictures of yourself constantly!" And I think I said something like "WELL WHAT THE FUCK ELSE IS THERE TO TAKE PICTURES OF? .....A TREE??!?"

Fine. Here are some fucking trees and grass. AREN'T YOU STOKED ON THEM??

Our pals made all these crazy renovations and additions to their house.

Including building an entirely SEPARATE house for a dad. It's a special house where a dad can go to make things out of wood and batteries and then relax with a joint and jump on a personal trampoline to one of the 8 trampoline-jumping videos and DVDs he has in there. BEST.DAD.EVER.


Alex and Celia kinda threw a wrench into me and Dee's ultimate 4th of July plan but it was still fun to gorge on some free pizza with them at Alligator bar before they got tired after like 20 minutes and had to go home.

No bother! It's not like Dee and I have ever needed party boosters. And we never bowled with those bumper things either.

When you start drinking before you stop growing you are a truly skilled professional. Ask Deirdre about the time(s) she broke her nose!

Okay! Keep it real New York! I'll see you in August!

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