Fight with Rasheed (sad face)

Rasheed wanted to go shoot hoops instead of wasting time on talking to me. I got very angered.....

Rasheed: look if you want to fight
Rasheed: fine
eBeth: fuckin BRING IT
Rasheed: ill bring it
eBeth: yeah?
Rasheed: maximum ted dibiase sleeperholds
Rasheed: backbreakers
Rasheed: torture racks
eBeth: fuck that I'll bring maximum ted danson hairdoos and tony danza joke slam attaxx
Rasheed: that will never work.
Rasheed: mona is only a skeleton, she has no powers. Angela is from dark crystal and may possess some secrets but not enough
eBeth: i'll bring Aqua Teen Hunger Force's own Meatwad to rub up against your balls and offend both your most sacred parts and your vegan sensibilities
eBeth: barftronics parts 1 and 2
Rasheed: pfff, gotta go new school to win
Rasheed: ill just pee on him anyhow
eBeth: then I will take a dump on your chest all Brian Eno style
Rasheed: eww
Rasheed: fine then i pee on your royal butthole through a chuck 'e cheese suit (youre confused if im robot or real)
eBeth: pee on my butthole?
Rasheed: yeah
Rasheed: you heard me
eBeth: oh that's just great
eBeth: i don't even have a butthole PSYCH!!!!!
Rasheed: pffffffffffffffff
eBeth: now who is robot or real!!!!!
Rasheed: fine, then i pee all over your skirt. Possible sword fight shake of the dick so it just goes all over. That will be decided during the melee
eBeth: i'll just huff paint thinner in the corner till rainbow barf spews out my nostrils and blows you down the skeeball lane
eBeth: i'll get like 1 million tickets
Rasheed: fine, if you want to risk your fighting career with extreme brain/barf damage
eBeth: buy the world's biggest plush snake, use powers to make it come to life- then it will eat you, royal butthole and all
Rasheed: i dont have a royal butthole. you do
eBeth: then Tony Danza, Ted Danson and myself will do a series of high fives and one handed push ups and go home
Rasheed: while youre doing the pushups a high on speed jessie spano and tanked up AC Slater (quaaludes) come in for extreme leg drops force thousands of pills into your mouth
Rasheed: jason voorhees then comes in and chops your tits and ass cheeks off
eBeth: wrestling is fake. and those pills are just vitamins
eBeth: that shit would NEVER happen on DeGrassi
Rasheed: machete-tronics turned real
Rasheed: hahahhaha
Rasheed: degrassi is bullshit
eBeth: you're bullshit
eBeth: i'm OUTTA here
Rasheed: see, im already dead but i still have forces at work
Rasheed: haha fine, rest well you bastard bitch
eBeth: i hope you jam all your fingers
Rasheed: i wont
eBeth: and if they eventually need to be amputated, that your phantom limbs sing to you "we want to shoooot hoooops" for all eternity
eBeth: sweet dreams
Rasheed: dont say such a thing!

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