Snob factor continues / HONKYTONK.

August 23rd
6:57 p.m.

So yesterday I dressed in my Martha Stewart best and went to go spend other people's money on things I barely need and scoff at commoners. It was really fun, until I messed up and ate at Taco Bell.

So I come home with my Cuisinart and my new hair dryer and start ripping open the food processor box so I can start making my carrot croquettes as featured in Martha Stewart Baby. They came out amazing, of course and I thoroughly cleaned and dried my processor because I am conscientious like that.

I'm just finishing watching Fame Whore when dear friend Tom P. calls. I get dressed (okay 5 times) and bike down to meet them at this bar we like because they serve- get this- PITCHERS of white russians. Fucking pitchers of cocktails yall! Pat buys me a drink and I say I'll make it worth his while. har!

The three of us rock over to The Mod Club (i know i know) and Tom is LOVING my bike. We get there, Tom buys me a beer, it sucks (the club not the beer- the beer was Carlsberg- which we endorse), we sit and complain, go dance and suddenly it's totally all good and fun and everyone on the dance floor is going crazy and Dave Barnes is all of a sudden up on this guy's shoulders during 'The Seeker' , Johnny was breaking up some fight, Tom was mock-humping me and I just leaned over and said, "the word that comes to mind here people is 'honky-tonk' " And then it was over.

We got streetmeat (or a veggie dog in my case) and went to Tom and Pat's for some more boozing and makeshift dancefloor action.There was this obnoxious Matt Damon-type kid at the hotdog stand that was talking about how all these girls want him because he has Weezer tickets. We sat in a parking lot and made fun of him.

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