Unpack a party, bro!

Cecilia made a totally presh page on her site about my party at Enid's, so check that out because it will be a while before I can put my pictures up and they're basically the same anyway....

Instead I will show you some pictures of my new apartment okay? Now, I normally don't like showing bad photos of huge messes but I am willing to make an exception because I know my mom loves stuff like this. Speaking of my mom, did you know my MOM has a DIARY now too? She does.

Living room, view to balcony, and my office/closet

bedroom, not currently featuring new bedding.

bathroom. totally awesome place to take a dump.

closet and office. I can download some music, I can see a tree out the window, and I can take off my pants. Clearly, an early favorite in terms of rooms.

formal dining room with huge window and total 'interrogation room' mirror? Yes.

View from dining room. Holy shit, I can't see Max Fish. Who the fuck cares!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bunch of clothes on the floor. I swear they'll be gone by the time you visit. I haven't even shot the downstairs yet.

Also- big party at El Amigo on Queen W. on May 22. Email me at microbroATgmail for infoz.

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