holla back

So Monday I didn't go to work. I wandered around Toronto with Beth and we got to see a big fish eat a bunch of smaller fish. We also took pictures of someone's garbage for humourous effect. I cannot divulge more. I prefer to cloak myself in secrecy/crushed velvet.

Yesterday I quit my job and got sketchy news at the doctor. So I did what all girls do when their lives get all jacked up. I dyed my hair.

Okay, and so technically no one knows I quit my job but me, and yeah, I'm at work right now, but Friday is my last day you hear me? After that, it's pure Sega Dreamcast and growing that beard I've been meaning to grow since Christmas. It's amazing how time flies when you are an extremely important data entry professional in the fast paced automotive finance industry. Holla!

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