Are you feelin my disco?!??

Happy Holidays hyper-acquaintances!

I have been partying hard but in the new year I would like to be "hardly partying" ...just kidding!

Teeter took me to Poughkeepsie for the National Baton-Twirling Semi-Finals but it turned out to be an all-ages show full of adorable 19 year old boys and anorexic teen girls with really high ponytails and an healthy appreciation of black eyeliner.

The drive there was super fun! Teeter only tried to kill us once and the excitement of it all actually made my migraine go away! I really like mini-adventures with cars. I got so much done! I mean I power-gorged on a bagel, refreshed my look in the car mirrors, drank heavily, flirted with teens, and peed in the woods. Awesome.

Monday night was AndrewAndrew's 7 o'clock club holiday gathering which began at America and ended on Roosevelt Island and with me waking up in an AndrewAndrew sandwich- which is possibly the best Christmas present a girl could wish for...

Posing with a flat Stanley

No hilarious captions, but HAPPY HOLIDAYS okay? Julie's Sports Bar forever!

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