Operation Fucking Nuts, Guy

So this morning as Dale and I were enjoying our CNN and hot beverages and cigarettes we got to see some pretty scary live footage from Baghdad and Nic Robertson shouting "Get away from the window!" It then cut back to Aaron Brown or whoever talking to this retired General.

Me: Damn
Dale: Imagine if Much Music was also our main source of news as well?
Me: Bwahahahaha
Dale: And instead of these guys, it was Rick the Temp telling us about all this.

Last night Karen, Beth, Dale and myself went to see Tangiers play at the Horseshoe just as the war began. They had a TV on in the front bar.

Me: It's the kickoff party!
Beth: The LAUNCH party
Me: Touché.

After that we ventured to the Silver Dollar for more annihilation. Of the liver kind. It was a pretty good time. Maybe Friday will be better. Ho hum.

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