Evidently my landlord wants to kick my ass. I think it's because I asked him to fix some faulty electrics that have been busted since I moved in over a year ago. God, I'm such a complainer!

But other than that, my little party was wicked!!! Way better than the last one I had over a year ago!

Beth came over early with her bunny Felix and the bunnies played outside while Beth and I got some nutrition at 7-11 (slurpees, doritos, the very Xtremest Mountain Dew...) Then came Dale and Karen, then Dennis "Jewclam" Chow, Craig, and then Craig totally craigged. Then Mike showed. Then once Jesse, Jesse and Sebastien arrived it was time to walk to High Park and set off some fireworks. I filmed a lot of it. The best part was when Jesse Foster jumped through the firey inferno of the shogun cone fountain. The other best part was Dale being really scared and covering his ears and running everytime someone lit another fuse.

After Dale and Karen left, the rest of us decided to get soaked running through industrial-strength sprinklers. It was good clean fun of dubious legality. I enjoyed in immensely.

But I am scared about what my landlord wants to talk to me about this week. If you all didn't know I am really really NON confrontational and I am really really prone to having anxiety attacks over dumb shit. So good luck finding me asleep tonight. Oh that and my apartment has no AC and no fan, and no circulation since my landlord never put screens on my windows. Well, he did, but then he took them away and I don't have them back yet. So anyway yeah. He's mad. I'm sad. Who's your dad? I'm moving September 1st.


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