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Someone in Italy found my diary today by searching for "terragen crack." My diary. It's Educational too!

Last night was fun. I love our 17-people-in-one-car trips. Today me, Hatty and Robin are meeting Meredith at Kipling station and we're going to see Maggie in a play! Wheee.

Thankfully my alarm clock woke me up. I've been doubtful of its abilities since the "accident" ...see a couple months back my alarm clock totally freaked out and like all these numbers would flick by and contort and the 'indiglo' was all dim and blinky. So I went back to my old method of just having my mom call me if I needed to get up. Then one day the alarm clock just fixed itself so I was like "oh. slammin. i guess it had a cold or something."

But then after that ONE day it was all jacked up again so I decided I should just buy a new one. But not before performing the 'smash test' -wherein I would cause equal damage to the clock with intention as opposed to the accidental damage endured in my bed that I blamed for my alarm clock's demise. After slamming the little clock onto the floor a bunch of times, I noticed something in the back. It was a battery compartment? Who knew! I had had the clock four years and never changed the battery... so yeah, I guess that might have been it. I changed the battery and it works fine now. I am very intelligent.

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