with heavy heart, and bloated abdomen

Last night was filled with bad dreams- not nightmares - just dreams that broke my heart and shit in my pool. So basically they were just dream versions of things that happen to me in real life. Over and over again and there actually WAS a swimming pool and a lecher and I lost my hearing and laughed in someone's face, and cried, and watched them sleep. Yeah I've got issues.

Before this carnival of lameness was some Dance Cave. Toronto rock legends Matt Collins and Johnny Bunce were there! Matt lives in Guelph now so it's always really nice to see him (I guess?) and Johnny usually never talks to me so it was nice to talk to him- perhaps I went a little overboard when I kept shifting my eyes saying "You wanna know a secret?" and then telling him some.

The posse wrote their names in Liquid Paper in the booth. We have claimed a small piece of Lee's real estate with the help of office supplies. So yeah, drinking , dancing, New Ho King, me being mad at Dale- basically it's like every day in my world. Except this time Merseymittens and I talked a lot about our 'Nighttripper' drunken slutty extravaganza slumber (mer's birthday) party.

I have so much to do today but I like to start the day with a little tranquility - most easily taken in at Subway, just past Runnymede. I could also go for some Powerade and cigarettes too. I'm easy to please. Just ask me.

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