TAKE IT TO THE TOP: the Death from Above Story


The tour has brought us to Montreal. So far everything has been rad. Dennis and I have been competing for the title of "most annoying person on tour" but so far our personalities have proved more enchanting than nauseating. Maybe that's because we keep telling people to TAKE IT TO THE TOP!!!

ALLLLLLL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!".... no less than 500 times so far and it is only day 2.

We are being hosted by the wonderful Seripop kids and not only did they feed us an amazing meal but they have a cat with a giant head! And we got to watch videos of local Montreal teens fucking! Dennis, Sebastien and I broke the bed. (Not having local Montreal teen sex, mind you)....

Anyway, we are off to Boston in an hour I guess. I am looking forward to "holding my breath" as Kurt warned, and maybe getting a t-shirt that's not black and/ or oppressively tight.

Brainwizard over and out!

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