Of thee I sing....

Since I always talk on here about how he is a fag, or otherwise write to embarrass him- I'd like to take this opportunity to detail just a *few* of the reasons i love Dale Ronson.

And let's call this his 'late birthday present' as well since I am too poor and unthoughtful to get him a real one.

1. We were all watching The Ring last night ...and I suggested it would be hilarious if you worked at Blockbuster and you could call people who had rented The Ring when you presumed they have watched it all and tell them they have 7 days to live.... and possibly add "Yeah sorry my call was a bit late ....I was stuck in traffic"

Dale amended that you could call and say, "You have 7 days..... to return this movie"

2. Dale stole me a sweater today.

3. Dale will take off his pants or wear a woman's bathing suit at parties, bars, birthday fetes, and even weddings.

4. Tonight Dale suggested we (our house) all paint our faces like different animals and hang out like that at night when we're together. Then he got more excited by suggesting we all start out in different corners of the house and roleplay that animal for the rest of the night. "Yes! Let's do that on Friday nights from now on. Get drunk and role-play animals! Man!"

I had an alpine mud mask on the better half of my face and claimed to be the 'Telus monkey"

It's a Canadian joke. Y'all wouldn't understand.

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