Hermit Life

YES YES Y'ALL!!! It is 110% my birthday! I am going to celebrate by staying in the house till my boyfriend gets home from work!


Here are some pictures I took a while back for a piece entitled "Hermit Life" so you could better understand the ADVENTURE IN UGLY I live ....each day!

nice shirt!

mad lint!

Putting lint where lint belongs! (in the trash, all)

How's my watering? Gotta keep the soil REAL!

Yo! These lamps require assembly? I'm so ON IT!

Get your bedside illumination on!

Do these fucking dishes!

Mmm.. bake up these romantic lookin BROWNIES!

All NOT burning the risotto while cooling the romantic brownies.

Stay tuned for PART TWO!!

Okay- now back to serious matters.

Obviously, the need to buy me presents is timeless- but now would be an appropriate time given that this is a MILESTONE BIRTHDAY, mammals! Amazon wishlist, dudes. Straight up. eBeth needs some new aprons.

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